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Simply put, the greatest city in the world. Home of the Buccaneers, Rays, Lightning, and uberhot women.
Dude, this place lacks ownage, let's go back to Tampa.
by Vincent Vega January 04, 2004
1. a hilarious comedy group that made puddle cruiser, super troopers, and club dread.
2. a lizard that is, in fact, broken.
1. broken lizard is the best comedy group since monty python
2. hey look at that lizard. its broken
by vincent vega June 07, 2004
a person who dresses in rockabilly fashion and styles his hair in a pompdour or other tall retro hairstyle with a petrolium based pomade, such as seen in the movies: grease, the outsiders, westside story, rebel without cause, etc
1:the greaser went to the diner to cruise for some really keen chicks
by vincent vega May 07, 2003
A look someone gives you that indicates he's much too drunk to have understood anything you've said to him in the last twenty
Gryphon was giving me a blithbury.
by Vincent Vega January 02, 2004
Patrick Chan.

Sn: superDIMSUM
Pat aka superDIMSUM, likes to play WC3 all day long. He ditches school and plays WC3. What a supid chink.
by Vincent Vega March 24, 2003
Pubis hair (those around and above the vagina)
Horny pop babe flashes nice bit of underbeard.
by Vincent Vega September 10, 2004

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