63 definitions by Vince

One who enjoys "The Cock"
Wishes to have sexual experiences with Link, the star of the Zelda series of games.

One without skills.

See also, faggot
"That guy is OverwhelmingCode"
by Vince April 19, 2003
Shit residue.
After brushing one's anal region with absorbant paper tissue, the semi-liquid matter that appears to form a brush or perhaps a feather-like pattern. It is quickly examined, rated and disposed.
by vince February 26, 2004
To total demolish a woman's vagina or rectal cavity. To obliterate complete sensation in either orphace. To make her never want to have sex because the pain is so bad it would be like taking a 30 lbs shit.
by Vince March 21, 2003
Vince Timberlake allsow known as Vincent Franzén, Justin Timberlake or Erik Ponti is a complite "Spännis" and he's the coolest guy on earth. Much cooler then ckham, Nick Carter or the Lion King. He kicks ass!!
- Im Vincent Franzén, Justin Timberlake, Erik Ponti yah thats right im Vince Timberlake and I will kick your ass.
by Vince November 06, 2003
An insult or an exclamation that can be used safely for children or Chrstians.
You are a froat.

What the froat is this?

Get the froat out of here.
by Vince November 30, 2003
1- A person that acts scared all the time.
2- A person that is scared to do things.
3- Acts like a bitch.
You a spen because you scared to make fun of that boy over there.
by Vince February 19, 2003
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