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To be completley immeresed or covered by a person(s) a liquid or object(s)
"when we collided with the other vechile i was infathomed by the other un restrained passengers in the aformentioned vechile"
by Vince December 15, 2004
This guy is a fukin mad cunt !!!!
enough said
was playing indoor soccer some fat kid on the other team tries to pick a fight r3ality goes " want another hamburger or 2 "

by Vince December 15, 2003
a word truck delievers use to say warren michigan
god damn i have a route in warrentucky today
by vince March 30, 2005
One who gives the impression of being against the use of force, but actually embraces it. For example, antiwar protestors actively decry the use of force against armed opponents of a foreign country, but actively support the use of force against unarmed citizens of their own country for the purpose of redistributing their wealth. They are typically the same ones who whine and gnash their teeth over guns, but yet ironically would be unable to force you to pay into various social programs were it not for the gun.
Jane Fonda was an antiwar protestor. Being a rich leftist, she was against the use of force, unless said force was used to redistribute your wealth into programs she deemed worthy.
by Vince October 30, 2004
A derogitory term for use in most situations, combination of the terms knob and stick
Rick: You're hair looks pretty stupid
John: Shut it, knobstick!
by Vince June 30, 2004
The process of buying a video card, taking said card out of the box, shinkwrapping the box with some socks inside.
I just pulled a "video kard" at Best Buy... score!!!
by VINce November 12, 2003
a white sticky substance (cum)
stefan go ask hendi wat a protein stain is
by vince February 19, 2005

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