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63 definitions by Vince

Capable of being homophobic
Some people act more phobianthetic then other of a mature nature
by vince March 11, 2003
i person that will start sentence or a subject and then stop it right away or say "never mind"...sometimes with intenions to cause mental anguish or to provoke someone
person 1- wow, that hot chick really likes you. you should hear what she was saying
person 2- o yea, what was she saying
person 1- never mind
person 2- wtf, dont be a maller
by VINCE February 07, 2005
a special event of some kind.
yo, come over to my place tonight, we are having a tv spontenza
by Vince August 25, 2004
(noun)In Philly an unusually tall teen for his age, not considered cool by any means but ppl are afraid enough to let him hang out. They are usually not too terribly bright but dangerous because of their physical strength.
Shit, here comes that fuckin gerff lets jet before he see's us.
by Vince August 08, 2004
see also scoop. A fighting tactic in which one person grabs another's legs and attempts to lift him off of the ground, often onto something (table, chair, etc.). Usually results in getting hit repeatedly in the back.
Damn that n*gga got scooped up.
He was tryin' to scoop his ass up.
by Vince November 30, 2003
someone who doesnt know about talking or something like that
That guy is nipocent, but i still like house of legs. hummmzer
by Vince November 12, 2003
To be completley immeresed or covered by a person(s) a liquid or object(s)
"when we collided with the other vechile i was infathomed by the other un restrained passengers in the aformentioned vechile"
by Vince December 15, 2004