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The act of vetoing any information that comes from anyone else.

Outside information is deemed "useless".

Generally, the information originally supplied was much better than the information added after being vetoed.
I had this GREAT idea the other day, but I was cervied and now it's doomed to fail.
by Vince February 11, 2005
A Grade you can get when you Combo your way through an entire song on DDR or get a majority of Perfects.
Yea! I totally AA'd Dream A Dream!
by Vince May 30, 2004
retarded ass movie that my friends said was good i said wtf as i broke the dvd
ryan knows what he is talking about he know good movies from bad ones
by vince March 30, 2005
Persons attitude that would cause an onlooker to make the face that one would make after having a shot of vinegar.
He performed that bungee jump with a large amount of vinegarosity!
by Vince May 19, 2004
Vinces sexy mami or a reall fione chick
Do u wanna be a jyothi?
by Vince January 25, 2005
red eye! From smoking the killer.
Dude, you got mukduh!
by Vince January 22, 2005
feet that smell really shitty, usually comes from wearing tennis shoes with sweaty feet and without socks
damn...nigga got arse feet
by Vince July 20, 2004

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