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63 definitions by Vince

A powerful engine from oldmobile
I have a 455 olds in my boat
by vince April 01, 2005
26 16
1) One of the greatest, if not THE greatest rapper of all time. With complex and meaningful lyrisism showing much depths and growth of his chracter over the hottest beats.
2) Latin word meaning "To Conquer"
Man 1: U copped vincere's new album?
Man 2: Shit yea, he's fuckin dope.
by Vince November 16, 2004
14 4
A sentence that, when you add the word "favorite" in between "my" and "bag," you have a sentence with every single letter in the alphabet in it.
An idiot attempted to sound smart. I fixed his attempt.
by Vince April 07, 2005
21 14
Extra flap of skin that hangs from a fat cats belly.
Whoa! That cat's watersack drags on the ground.
by Vince March 29, 2005
9 3
goin crazy in general or goin crazy on someone
"dam, why you all wa'lin on me"

"he's wa'lin man"
by vince October 27, 2004
7 2
an iselo is a person jumps off the hoover damn with his nut sack tied at the top
Vince: nick i can'yt believe your going to pull an iselo
Nick:damn straight
by Vince September 30, 2004
7 2
the placing of a mans dick into another mans asshole

see butt fuck
John was very submissive and enjoyed recieving ass wood
by Vince July 29, 2004
10 6