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Inhabitants and descendants of the Indian state of Gujarat.

Those who speak the Indian language Gujarati.

Known for their business minds, agriculture, and strong cultural values. Traditions include garba (dancing and clapping in circles)and raas(dance style involving sticks)-two of the most popular dances in the state. Also known for having taken over the motel/hotel/gas station industries in America.

The common phrase "you guju" is a misconception of the actual characteristics of Gujaratis. Being of the business-mind, Gujus tend to look for the best deals. They value money and make the most of it. They are by no means cheap; in fact, Gujus are of the highest tier of minority incomes so CHILL OUT WITH THE GUJU JOKES! haha
"you guju"
"stop being guju"
by Vinay Amin July 21, 2005

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