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A Russian based company which originated around the mid 19th century. Smirnoff is specialized in producing vodka based products and is one of the largest vodka companies in the world.
Drinking entire bottles of Smirnoff is dangerious - but fun!
by VinC January 03, 2005
The study of human thought and behaviour. A social scientific subject which can trace its origins back to ancient Greece.
Psychology, psychiatry and psychotherapy are all different.
by VinC April 26, 2005
Zubrowka Bison is a uniquly flavoured vodka brand from Poland. It flavour comes from a wild herb called Hierochloe Odorata found in the Bialowieza Primaeval forrest where Europe's only wild bison herds still roam free.
Zubrowka works amazingly well with apple juice.
by VinC April 14, 2005
Literal meaning 'beyond psychology' (derived from the latin word para) - parapsychology is the study of paranormal phenomena related to psychology which is beyond scientific explanation.
Your degree in Parapsychology allows graduate entry to the Scooby Gang, where you'll spend your time chasing ghosts who turn out to be criminals.
by VinC October 17, 2004
Director of many faled and terrible films whom is now more famious for selling insurance and using the most annoying catch phrase in history.
Calm down dear, IT'S ONLY A COMMERCIAL!
by VinC April 14, 2005

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