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Someone who is original in the sense taht they come up with their own ideas and and therefore are really cool!
dude ur idea about the light bulb was so facal!
by Vin April 09, 2005
an AOL bot that is always advertising "free" porn.
SexyLexy69: Cum to my website. It's got FREE pr0n!me: screw off!
by vin July 21, 2004
the original grambo, aka neil grahm from which all sub grambos were spawned
holy shit, did you see that grambo? he looks almost like the real grambo
by vin June 15, 2003
Someone who doesn't get any pussy.
-Always fucking their own knuckles: masterbating.

To finger blast a chick.
-Penetrating the vaginal cavity with one's knuckles.
Use in colloquial dialogue:
-"Atleast I'm not a knuck fuck like Andrew!"
-"Dude, all I had to do was knuck fuck a bitch and she got all wet."
by Vin November 12, 2007
hairy upper pussie area
Mrs. Gagliardi has a hupa
by vin March 28, 2003
beef: (noun)
1. Meat that is made from cows.
2. Slang term for penis.
You gonna eat that beef mofo?
by vin July 25, 2004
1. a word partaining to pirates...and how they act
2. what a pirate does when hes not making people walk the plank and hes not sailing the seven seas...
3. kira is wrong. swashbuckler forever!
: arrr matey, tis going to be a swashbuckling good time
: take a good look at yee swashbuckler over yonder, me thinks he shall be forced to walk thee plank!
by vin May 27, 2003

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