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When you use a pair of breasts to achieve ejaculation and then consume the ejaculate from inside the cleavage.
Frank gave Bob a titty salad on Bob's enormous man titties.
by Vimmy March 07, 2008
Deprived of sleep to the point that one becomes hyperactive or experiences something like a mild high. When sloshed it is common to find everything way more amusing than it should be.
"Vagina!" *Laughs*
"You know that's not funny, right?"
"Yeah, but I'm sloshed."
by Vimmy August 03, 2007
A wankster or wigger. White on the outside, whiter on the inside.
A good way to tell a cannoli is if they think of themselves as an Uh-Oh Oreo (White on the outside, black on the inside).

That freshman is such a cannoli; he calls his sister J-Dawg and wishes he could be 50 Cent.
by Vimmy November 06, 2007
Self-aware or referring to oneself, usually results in a mindfuck and the consequential explosion of one's head region.
Heterosexual: I have something to tell you... I'm gay.
Person 2: But you're name is "Heterosexual"
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta?
Person 2: Since when are you meta-meta?
Heterosexual: Since when are you meta-meta-meta?
(Continues until the respective head regions of each party explode)
by Vimmy October 31, 2007

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