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When used of console games, describes cartridges or discs that are intended to run only on machinery made for sale in Japan (historically, console games have tended to have regional lock-out due to greed, stupidity, silly/draconian licensing agreements and/or the perverse joy derived from shafting the consumer on the part of console manufacturers).

Frequently, the NTSC-J version of a game will have more features, different cover art and different content than the PAL (Europe) or NTSC-US (North America), or sometimes, won't be released at all outside Japan
I just got a copy of Rival Schools II and it's the NTSC-J version! That means the minigames Capcom took out in the North American version are still there.
by Vilnius XVIII August 07, 2007
1) A runtime environment for programming applications to run on resource-limited devices, such as PDAs or cell phones. Officially, the initials stand for Java 2, Micro Edition, but Just Too Many Exceptions might be more accurate.

2) A cruel joke of a runtime environment that provides poor performance, a far-too-limited API, no access to the framebuffer and is generally useless for serious programming (not that that stops anyone) and, most of the time, is incorrectly implemented by cell phone manufacturers.

3) The antithesis of "Write Once, Run Anywhere".
If you have a GSM cell phone and download games on it, chances are, they'll be coded in J2ME.
by Vilnius XVIII August 07, 2007

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