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AMAZING PUNK BAND. with such songs such as 'i wish i was a girl' and 'parental guidance'. pure genius...but seem to have disappeared of the face of the planet...
'And i heard my parents fucking and i said yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah...'
by Ville Valo April 24, 2005
The red hat of Dan, it is amazing and is vital for the earth to stay populated and healthy. It has mystical powers.
Wow, you've got a red hat like Dan's, but it's not Dan's so you SUCK, Dan rules!!
by Ville Valo January 18, 2005
a complete jackass, possesing no game, born to lose. see also "homosexual"
did you see that fairy? what a mcinturf.
by ville valo June 09, 2004
as wel as meaning a good friend or something like that, a dude is also a cows foreskin
tis true im afraid
by ville valo January 15, 2004
A crapped up person. i feel sorry for her. she's been 'remade' by her producers. she doesn't want to be punk, but her producers made this image for her, so she'd get more famous. and she's led to believe she really likes this music. bottom line: I HATE HER
nobody's home was written by ben moody from evanescence which makes the song sort of decent
by Ville Valo April 24, 2005

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