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Awesweet was invented by the Queen of the World for New York Annie, and it is the amalgamation of the commonly used words Awesome and Sweet.

It can be used for most of your positive adjective needs.

Sometimes it can even be used as a verb, when using a joking-threatening Glaswegian Voice. (See example 3.)
'That's totally awesweet.'

'Annie, your Apple Pie is so awesweet I just wet myself with excitement at the hint of nutmeg.'

'I'll awesweet your face.'
by Vikki Miller August 06, 2007
The abnormal relationship, that verges on the desire for inappropriate sexuality, between human and automotive vehicle, especially a hot black motorcycle owned by BrettEr.
Ben: I want to make love to the bike. Is that wrong?

Vikki Miller Queen of the World: No it's not wrong. You can think that. You can desire that. BrettEr's bike is hot. I think that's called exhaustiality though.

Ben: You know everything you really are the Queen of the World.

Vikki Miller Queen of the World: I know. Thanks.
by Vikki Miller July 10, 2008

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