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A bloke that beleives he can have any woman in the world, he is sure that everyone finds him attractive and usually is on to the next girl before he's finished with the last one. A stebbo is like a player and pimp rolled into one.
by Vikki November 04, 2003
the saliva/snot combination the dog leaves on car windows or the sliding glass door while looking in the house
Get me the glass cleaner, the patio door is covered in pupkis.
by Vikki April 28, 2004
Evil Thing And Monster Sightings Board on Neopets
Those GCer's have invaded the EMS!
by Vikki April 30, 2004
my fucking ex-boyfriend
he's such an asshole, he sleeps with your best friend, he snogs other girls while your at a party at your house, his name is john, etc..
by vikki June 30, 2003
Vikki's amazing word, meaning cool, amazing in a nice way!
That false-alram gig was totally cooliodrumdiddlyumdums
by Vikki December 28, 2003
A squeal weasel, commanly found in bushes of upper end communities
Holy Shit! There's a squeal in that bush!
by Vikki December 23, 2003

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