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Deodorant for body odor.
Yo nigga I needs some DO for the BO before we headst out.
by Vidioholic March 30, 2011
The area of your neighborhood/town that you and your closest friends feel most comfortable meeting up at. Some people call this "home base". It is usually a place like Wendy's or some friend's house that you visit everyday.
-Hey guys, you left me!
-It's straight man just meet us as normal town and we'll scoop you up

After the party got broken up by the cops, Terry and I agreed to grab some beers and meet everyone up at normal town to regroup.

-Hey where are you?
-Normal town
-Ok I'll be there in a few
by Vidioholic April 21, 2011
This is a game that males play to punish their friends for saying or doing something utterly and obviously stupid. A scoop is defined here as cupping one's hand, slapping it across the victim's neck and pulling back your hand towards you, effectively scooping the person's neck. The game goes like this:

-If a person says/does something obviously wrong, someone who notices this mistake can call "SCOOP!"
-If a person says/does something obviously wrong and they notice before someone else calls scoop on them, they can call "CRACK-BACK" and be safe from being scooped.

This is the basic overlie of the game, but some people extend the basic concept. For example, one extension lets the person who made the mistake "SELF SERVE" so they aren't at the mercy of the scooper.

The person who is getting the school does have the right to question if something is scoop worthy or not. Some people will call SCOOP after everything that comes out of your mouth, but only really obviously dumb comments are scoop worthy
Example Of Scoop Game 1:
-Hey man, have you ever been to Miami?
-No bro, I've never left the United States before.
-Miami is in the United States idiot.
-SCOOP! Come over here and get your scoop.

Example Of Scoop Game 2:
-Harry! Wake up we are going to be late for school!
-Today is Saturday...
-You lucky bastard. That was scoop worthy!
by Vidioholic April 21, 2011
Huge tittays
Damn that girl has major boobage!
by Vidioholic September 17, 2013

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