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An other word for Edward Cullen, the pathetic whimpy vampire from the Twilight book series. Edward, instantly failing at the moment of creation,still has something special about him. Instead of burning down to the ground in pure awesomness like real vampires, Edward starts sparkling like a little bitch. Even though he fails at being a vampire (no shit sherlock), beheading him will turn him into a perfect disco ball. Edwards head needs sunlight to sparkle, but lubing it will make him go sunshine in the dark. It srsly works. I have Emmet's head laying in the closet, and Edward hanging on the ceiling.
'Holy shit dude, where did you get your disco ball, it's sparkling like a motherfucker!'.

'As if it was made to be this way.'
by VictoriousBoss January 25, 2010

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