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2 definitions by Victoria Princess

Short for Rancho Cucamonga, CA. In the Inland Empire this is what people call the city of Rancho Cucamonga. Ironically Rancho Cucamonga used to be named only "Cucamonga" with the "Rancho" added in the very late 70's. This decision was made when Cucamonga, Alta Loma and Etiwanda became all one city. But most old timers still insist on calling thier parts of the city by it's former name. With Alta Loma being more prestigous in the 70' and 80's and Etiwanda becoming more prestigous in the 90' and 00's. Cucamonga is considered the least prestigious of the three.
I (we) live in Rancho. Over in Rancho.
by Victoria Princess April 15, 2007
30 17
To describe where a very, very high population of Hispanics live. A town or city where there are alot of Mexicans or South Americans.
I wouldn't be caught dead in "Bean Town", I'm afraid to go there; that is "Bean Town", That part of the city is "Bean Town"
by Victoria Princess April 15, 2007
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