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1 definition by Victori4

a snooty town, in san antonio texas. They are not actually very rich, but they like to pretend they are. everyone in alamo heights thinks they are rich, but others having lived in other places know they are not, and get really pissed off when these people try to act nonchalant and rich. they think they are the whole world, and their academics suck. Really, they do.
no one in alamo heights will understand this because again, they think they are everything.
"I'm from alamo heights, so i get a good education and have lots of money!"

"No you don't. You are stupid, and although not poor, mediocre. You are part of the bourgeoisie. Not that you understand that."

"whatever, i'm rich."

"haha, right..."
by Victori4 December 03, 2007
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