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A foolish person who perpetrates a silly blunder (usually in the presence of several or many people), thereby prompting a repeating chant of "Spoonihan!" from those present, directed at *the* Spoonihan.
Mate did you hear that? The DJ just properly fluffed up that track! (all chant) "SPOONIHAN!...SPOONIHAN!...SPOONIHAN!"
by Victor Stone January 08, 2006
Eyes belonging to a paedeophile. This unique kind of eye indicates a sex offender without exception, is always a certain hue called "paedophilic blue" and can be used as an early warning system to detect and avoid paedophiles. See paedophile
I'd watch that librarian - check it out, he has proper paedophilic eyes.
by Victor Stone January 07, 2006
A genre of "music" which exists due to its popularity with unintelligent people due to its status and not due to actual musical merit, of which it is usually totally devoid.
"Oi this new 50 cent tune is bare weighty innit"
"Um, no - 50 cent is big phony with zero musical talent and most, if not all, hip hop is unlistenable rubbish"
"Oi shut your chat or I will tax your phone mate. Whoops I got to go back to my council flat to eat my dinner of chips and ketchup"
by victor stone January 08, 2006

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