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Mexican word meaning plenty of things depending of the situation it's being used: similar to fuck
Trabajar un chingo > to work too much

Está bien chingón > it's fucking good

Chingadera y media > Fucking lot of things

Chingar la borrega > To bother

Me lleva la chingada > (to say that something really bad is happening to me)

Se chingó mi dinero > He stole my money

Vete a la chingada > Go to hell

Te chingaste > you've got screwed

Déjarte de chingaderas > quit doing stupid things

Chinga tu madre > Fuck in your mother

El mas chingón > The very best

Se me chingó el carro > My car broke

Te chingué > I got you

Esas son chingaderas > This is not fair

Está de la chingada > The situation is really bad

Voy en chinga > I'm going really fast
by Victor Niebla August 27, 2005

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