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MK character, first introduced in MK:Deception, Orignaly from Order Realm (or Chaos Realm, i cant remember), leader of the Resistence, crazy special moves (but not as crazy as Havik's and Meat's specials) and his second outfit makes him look like Jim Kelly in Enter The Dragon. A ok character. 2&1/2 out of 5.
Darrius is one bad motha- SHUT YO MOUTH! I was just talkin bout Darrius
by Victor James May 24, 2007
MK character, first seen in MK II in the background of the Pit 2 stage fighting the mystrious Green pants wearing Liu Kang look-alike (aka Hornbuckle). He was made a hidden playable character in MK:DA after completing Komquest Mode.
Took on a new look in MK:Armageddon, and thus taken on the title, "3nd Noobish Charcter in the MK seires (right after Onaga, but befor Liu Kang)"the noobish character ever in the MK seires is Noob Saibot, just because his name starts with noob and, for the fact that Noobs get online and pick Noob Saibot (because verticly, hes in the same row as Blaze, and all the person has to do is press up to highlight Blaze, if they already have Noob highlighted) and right when you pick your character, they disselect Noob and pick Blaze befor you can do anything. The suckest character ever. -googleplex out of 5. ( and if you dont know what a googleplex is, go google it)
Blaze...hmm, an example for Blaze...... OHHH got one. In the words of Comic Book Guy: Worst character creation EVER.
by Victor James May 24, 2007
The name Dracula's worshipers caled him. Daegon soon evolved to Drake.
HAIL LORD DAEGON !!! or something like that?
by Victor James May 24, 2007
MK character, introduced in Trilogy, possably of the same race as Reptile, can use one special move from each ninja (i.e. Ermac, Rain, Reptile, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero) except Noob Saibot and Smoke. his outfit changes colors when he uses a special move (for Ermac its called Hado Energy, for Chameleon its called Green Blast, but its the same move, so when you use it, his outfit changes red, if he uses Hellfire Kick (Scorpions move) his out fit goes yellow, and so on). His visible skin is transparent, so you can see its outline, but you can see through it. Not mush is known about his origins, execept that he is possably from the Saurian race. A decent character. 2 out of 5
Chameleon *insert example here*
by Victor James May 24, 2007
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