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1. used to form the past-tense of a verb, especially of acronym-based verbs or those ending with otherwise an ‘e’ or one of the vowels<a\e\i\o\u\y> (as ending in ‘-ed’ looks a bit stilted when following an ‘e’), in addition to irregular, non-standard, nonlinear, and ‘created’ verbs.

2. suffix used to form a past-participle (less necessary than is the 1st use).
1. In three swipes of his giant masamune, Sephiroth KO'd sprawny Sora. {Translation = In three swipes of his giant masamune, Sephiroth knocked-out sprawny Sora.}
Didjuh get rubberband'd in the head again?” {Translation = “Did you get shot in the head by a rubberband again?”

2. As Joey listened to some now-retro'd 90's music on his car radio, his girlfriend, Karen, went on chitchatting with her bffl Sammy in the backseat.

History of the Suffix: in old times, ‘'d’ was used to form the past-tense of ALL verbs, especially in print. Example: Ole Faithful ring'd the City Bell at the stroke of Dawn.
by Victor Van Styn July 25, 2005
(archaic definition) Was common in the South, as well as from the Shakespearian era and later, used as an adverb which could be translated as ‘very’, though without sounding as corny (honestly, anyone who succumbs to using ‘very’, or for that matter the verb ‘to go’<has a lot of different meanings> on a regular basis must not have a very large vocabulary). You will never hear the word ‘right’ used in this manner anymore, except by either:

A) an extremely aged geezer from the Deep South;
B) someone who studies etymology or finds word history particularly interesting, perhaps a Southerner

You may come across it used in this sense in a novel pertaining to a timeperiod\setting when in ’twas used, such as To Kill A Mockingbird{TKM}.
"He tore right fast for the store."
"She’s one right smart girl."
by Victor Van Styn September 29, 2005
A whore whore is someone who uses the word whore as a suffix or second part of a noun too much.
Kelsey the whorewhore called Megan a fuckwhore and her boyfriend a computerwhore, or nerd. Whore,whorewhore. h0r. h0rnee. horny. horn-ee. Well anyways, she called me a ‘horn whore’.. That whore whore.
by Victor Van Styn September 25, 2005
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