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A form of visual odor involving someone who looks as if his or her breath always reeks of stale coffee.
Wide-mouthed sitcom star Valerie Harper has always looked like she's got perpetual coffee-breath.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
A euphemism with sexual connotations for a gay or bi man's anus and rectum. Synonymous with man-cunt.
Tony was so ached for his man-hole to be probed by penis or finger or tongue — didn't matter which one — that he settled for a fleshy Fenway Frank ® hot-dog until a real wiener came along.
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
The thinning hair atop a balding man's head that you can see right through.
In the last seasons of his classic sitcom, Jerry Seinfeld's air hair became quite noticeable. So was Nicholas Cage's - before he really went bald and had to wear a piece in his films.

(This term was first coined by Mark Hänser of Boston, MA)
by Victor Felix August 10, 2005
Sexual intercourse that's initiated by someone as a kindly or courteous gesture; a pity-fuck that's not gender-specific - term coined by Mark Hänser of Boston, MA.

Synonym: courtesy suck
The old queen was corpulent and years past his prime, but the young twink took pity upon him and, much to the old man's delight, gave him a courtesy fuck that caused him to squeal in porcine delight.
by Victor Felix August 21, 2005
The act of sucking on someone else's nose.
Karl was so turned on by Jerry's aquiline Jewish snoot that he just had to suck on it, despite her objections; Jerry was not especially fond of rhinolingus.
by Victor Felix June 28, 2006
Someone who looks as if he or she possess a definate and offensive smell, whether or not he or she actually does.
The countless moles covering Damon's body looked like splatters of excrement. The visual odor, needless to say, was overwhelming.

(This term was first coined by Mark Hänser of Boston, MA)
by Victor Felix September 15, 2005
The willful and intention destruction of a great city, including murder and exile of its inhabitants. Policide, the willful and intentional destruction of a nation, can be used as a synonym — polis is the Greek word for "city."
Rome's destruction of Carthage is an ancient example of civicide; Washington's abandonment of flood- and hurricane-ravaged New Orleans is apparently a modern one.
by Victor Felix December 13, 2005

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