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If you have so much pubic hair and you don't shave it , it's for everyone to see from under your bikini when you are going to swim.
Jeez! Girl's got some hair!
- *cough**cough* public hair
0.0 YEAH...
by VickyVixen December 27, 2009
A huge... huge erected penis.
When you'll see one you will go
o.o face
You will be surprised by its growth. You will want to probably hump it ; as long as it's your boyfriend's one.
If it's yours or his , you may both be lucky.
He : Dude... It's HUGE

She : *cough**cough* tremendous boner.
He : I would put it in there... If you want.

by VickyVixen December 25, 2009
The best shop ever , you can buy everything here that has to do with electronic devices.
You can buy a lot of things here , and there are a lot of different brands.

Want a camera?
Depends if you are able to choose between a 75 kinds of brands and sorts.

Want a keyboard?
Theres a whole row here , from G15 ones to regular Trust keyboards.

Want games?
Go somewhere else if you want to get a sh¡tload of games.
Still , you can buy games here too!

Conclusion :
Media Markt is your hardware/electronics heaven. At least it is mine.
Guy 1: It's so dead here in this city. There aren't even shops here. How should I buy a computer?
*A little later , the guy goes to Media Markt and returns*
Guy 1: Dude! I bought some stuff at Media Markt!
It's like I'm on drugs...
by VickyVixen November 16, 2009
-A blowjob.
-Oral sex
I would give you a header if you want...
Kylie gave a header to Thomas yesterday and made him release fluid.
by VickyVixen December 25, 2009

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