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samoans aren't neccisarily
big fat, or ugly.
we're cool people.
but if you judge us as something we're not then your fuckin wrong. come& get yer facts first before ya'll call us this& that sheit. yes i'm samoan& i'm proud of it. fuckin racist people. i love that i'm samoan. but i ain't no racist, cus i'm also fuckin caucasian, chinese, tahitian, maorian& mexican. but more mexican& samoan then anything else. butta i ain't racist. people think what youu want bout us. yeuh there are some who can be assholes, stinkasses& so forth. butta "NOT ALL OF US ARE"! So don't judge tha whole samoan tribe becus of what you hurd or what samoan youu met. i'm pissd off, bout people talkin sheit& bein racist. but if they can't see us samoans fer who we truly are. then fuck'em. bitch fuck'em up bigg time. & fer a fact wee all can fight. but if wee get our asses kick'd then wee tell tha truth. wee ain't gunna lie. we're strait up, can beef, awesome, cool, loving, caring& more then gudd then whatcu people think bout us. Butta haters keep hatin, wee could care less. L0VE& PEACE T0 YA'LL. IT'S ALL THERE IS T00 IT(:
Girl:Hey who's that over there?

Boy: A bunch of samoan kids.

Girl: Man, i hate them.

Boy: Why?

Girl: Becus they stink, they're fat& they just think that they're all that.

Boy: Man youu people Judge to much.

Girl: Oh, who cares. Fuck them!

Boy: Youu think that they care? They don't care whatcu people say. They do them(:

Girl: Oh well i still don't care.

Jes becus one wus an asshole to youu, don't judge all of'em& put them down. Nobody's perfect.

Girl: UGHS!

Boy: Come let's go meet them, i know some of'em.

Girl: Fuck. Okay.

Boy: Hey wussup.

Samoans: Hey dude, wannah kick it?

Boy& Girl: Yeuuh sure(:

Samoans: Aite.

Boy& Girl & Samoans: Are all kick'n it.

Girl& Boy: Wee needuh start headin home. Sorry, see ya'lls tomaro.

Samoans: Oh yeuh. Us too. Wells it wus nice meetin ya'lls. Tomaro let's kick it& do it again. PEACE& LOVE.

Boy& Girl: Aite, BYE(:

Girl: Man they're cool, i never shoulda talk'd sheit.

Boy: Told youu so. Never ever judge a book by it's cover if you don;t know.

Girl: I won't. I'm soryy. Man i never shoulda judge'd samoans. My bad. Bye(:
by VickyBaby<3 August 30, 2008

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