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the words meaning is a long time. if you aint seen someone in a while or if you aint been someplace in a while or done something in a while it will a hot minute. it can mean in years months weeks or days. just means awhile
i have not seen you in a hot minute.

damn boy i aint been up here in a hot minute.

i have not played basketball in a hot min.
by Vicky S November 18, 2004
its maryland and since its so close to DC its crime rate is high and alot of murders thats going for PG county. most people in gangs and are involved in crimal activity and think its cool say it.
person1: who you repersent..??
person 2: yo yo yo i repersentin murdahland
by Vicky S November 18, 2004
meaning that cool or instead of saying thats shits phat. can be reffered by anything and everything. someone wearing cool clothes...aww chickens.....someone did a tight dance move...aww chickens...and so on
aww chickens translation :oh shit thats phat
by Vicky S November 18, 2004

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