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A scene kid is basically an emo kid without all the crying. Hairstyles: are usually black, sometime with blond and bright colors. Usually straightened and really BIG.Hairspray is a must. Short, choppy layors work for the girls, also side bangs. Baretts(might i suggest Hello Kitty?) and BOWS.Guys usually just straighten and everything is swept to the side. Apperance: Girls like to wear alot of eyeliner. Bright make-up. A scene girl usually wears skinny jeans or skirts. Tight t-shirts. Same with guys, but skinny jeans and a tight t-shirt. Sometimes a hat. Shoes: For girls, flats. Guys nike, converse, and vans. Same for girls. Music: A scene kid might listen to techno and house. Another might listen to hardcore techno, or just techno. Really whatever they're into. Lingo: They use really "hip" old-skool words as in rad. 80's lingo fer sure. When they're not being a scene kid: obsessing over they're apperance, perfecting their hair every moment, denying that they are so-called "scene kids", and taking pointless myspace pictures.Their myspace names usually begin with an adjective of the first letter in their name, in the back or front. i.e. Vicious Victoria, Rad Raechel, Danielle Dieing. How they act : A scene kid knows that they are scene but they will never say they are and will always deny. They act like 4 year olds and their God is basically Hello Kitty. They also love dinosaurs and adding letters after wordsss. Or just saying "Rawrrr" for fun.
by Vicious Viper January 15, 2010

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