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A German submachine gun made by the Heckler and Koch arms company. It is based off of their earlier G3 rifle, and is used by many SWAT, special forces, military, and counter terrorist units worldwide. It has many variants, mainly A2-A5, the shortened MP5K, and the silenced MP5SD. It is a very accurate, reliable, and quality gun that has become one of the world standards for submachine guns.
The MP5 is often carried by international counter terror squads
by Vic Viper Mk. II February 21, 2004
1. A class in the Final Fantasy series that uses white and black magic as well as swords. Being a jack of all trades but master of none, the Red Mage cannot learn all the top level spells, but can learn the fundamental ones. Red Mages are depicted as wearing a red outfit consisting of boots, a cape, pants and a shirt, and the trademark feathered hat.

2. In 8-Bit Theater, Red Mage is a D&D stat freak that levels up and is always rolling dice, busting out puns, and leveling himself up. He's obsessed with experience points and bases everything around D&D.
The Red Mage is my favorite class because his hat adds +3 to style.
by Vic Viper Mk. II April 26, 2004
The lead character in the movie "Shaft". A slick, badass black dude who gets all the ladies and whups all the badguys.
They say that Shaft is a bad mutha-Shut yo mouth! I'm just talkin' 'bout Shaft! Then we can dig it!
by Vic Viper Mk. II April 04, 2004
Stands for Arctic Warfare Police, a police and counter terror version of the L96A1 Arctic Warfare Magnum. Made famous in Counter Strike as the rifle that makes you gay by people who complain about snipers.
OMFG j00 gay awp whore omg u fag OMFG!!!11111oneoneone
by Vic Viper Mk. II March 24, 2004
1. The world wide web, a network of computers and websites all over the world. 2. A vile cesspool of corruption and evil.
Man, the internet is creepy.
by Vic Viper Mk. II March 24, 2004
1. A theater that shows low budget Chinese and Japanese movies, primarily kung fu and samurai movies from the 70's and yakuza films. Known classics are Five Fingers of Death, Lady Snowblood, Shogun Assassin, and others.

2. Any movie fitting above description.
Billy went to go see some old movies at the Grindhouse Film Festival.
by Vic Viper Mk. II October 10, 2004
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