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a boy with a cunt, aka a female-to-male (FtM) transgender/transsexual who hasn't had bottom surgery (and in this case who looks like a boy instead of a man, like some FtMs do).
I really dig cuntboys. There's just something really hot about a boy with a cunt.
by Vic Silverpaw March 06, 2009
The vagina of a man who used to be a woman (pre-op FtM transsexual). Though similar to your typical vagina, a mangina is characterized by the dicklet (enormous clit) and by the manly musk is has, not very different from the musk you'd find around most guys balls.

This is an alternate definition to the usual definition of mangina, which is the androgynous appearance created when a man tucks his cock & balls behind his legs.
My junk is a little different than most guys. I've got a mangina.
by Vic Silverpaw March 06, 2009
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