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A Mixture of punk and metal
Megadeth, Slayer, Anthax, Death angel, Testament, Exodus etc...
by Vic Rattlehead May 19, 2005
A mosha (or mosher), put simply, is the opposite of a chav. Unfortunately this doesnt make them any better, as both types are a collective of lower mortals with no sense of the real world.

A mosha by definition is a child between the ages of 5 and 18 who is a. made to wear hoodies and baggy pants by their parents cause its 'the new trend' or b. retarded.

How to spot a mosher:
-Wears baggy pants/jeans, black hoodies with bands names/strange lyrics, studded wristbands and beany hats
-Has hair in a wide spectrum of styles, ranging from long and greasy to the classic faux-hawk.
-Listens to nu-metal, emo and hardcore. Not to be mistaken with headbangers
-Refuses to speak to 'outsiders'
-Constantly praise individualism, yet dresses alike
-Paints fingernails and eyelashes

There is a 90% chance that anyone being hassled by a chav is a mosha
Have you heard the new 'my chemical romance' single??? Its sooooo heavy, but still emotional and i can really relate to it, dude
by Vic Rattlehead May 19, 2005

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