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2 definitions by ViatheV

Things inside of your pants pockets that give the appearance that you are wider than you actually are (i.e. keys, chapstick, wallets).
"Jeremy, you look bigger for some reason."

"That's because I have pocket weight. This wallet is too big."

"Tina, you would look so much better in those shorts if you would just get rid of that pocket weight! Put your damn keys and cell in your purse."
by ViatheV June 21, 2011
based off of context clues: information one gathers from a text in order to interpret something.

CONTACT clues are clues one gathers from body language in order to interpret another person's thinking or thoughts.

Jill: How did you know that he was digging you, Barb?

Barbara: Why, he was sending loads of contact clues! His legs were crossed towards my direction, Jill.


David: Do you think she understood that you weren't into her?

Asher: Fuck yeah, dude. I sent her all kinds of contact clues. I looked her over once and didn't look again.
by ViatheV December 20, 2010