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someone who is out of school and is attracted to students at school
you know mike, he's 21 and he's going out with a 16 year old student. what a Schooliphile
by Vikta 'n' Lach May 20, 2006
A bluetooth fairy is someone who is a professional, phone stealer, particuarly phones that have bluetooth. hence the term BLUETOOTH fairy
Hey man, have you heard about johnny? hes a Bluetooth fairy now...
well either way, what ever he does.. he aint getting his hands on my phone
by ViKta 'N' LaCh September 24, 2006
A person who is not in year 12 and goes to schoolies. (usually older)
you're in a party at schoolies and a 20 year old walks past "fuckin toolie(s)"
by Vikta 'n' Lach May 20, 2006
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