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A God given medicine
"All the doctor's pills in the world can't stop my buddy's MS Shakes like Marijuana.
by ViJay May 06, 2003
It means Victory.
Vijay is my name. Its an Indian name and somewhat common. Its a bit famous as the bollywood superstar Amithab Bachan used to be called by this name in nearly 60-70% of his 600 films to date!
by Vijay May 20, 2004
Take a #2
After eating all that Mexican food, I had to go drop the kids off.
by Vijay June 10, 2003
choot to bas choot hai..needs no further explaination..
jaise moon moon hai...sun sun hai..choot bhi choot hai...
by vijay December 07, 2003
business enquiry from textile cloth mfg
sectional warping machine
by vijay March 08, 2005
A Noob(search Noob) that sucks so much that his shoes were stolen because he got pwned(search pwned) so much.
"Your Worst Than A Noob Your A Noob With Socks Butwhipe!"
by ViJaY March 24, 2005
Tall, friendly, kind, meany, bakul.
I saw fatty, lanki Amarjeet when he was drinking Bacardi Breezer yesterday.
by Vijay July 01, 2003
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