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2 definitions by ViCtoRia!!

© THE BEST BAND IN THE WORLD!! © All their songs on "Leaving Through the Window" ROCK (I Want to Save You, Punk Rock Princess, I Woke Up In a Car, If You C Jordan, The Astronaut, Hurricane, Cavanaugh Park, Fall, Straw Dog, Good News, Drunk Girl, Now What It Seems, You're Gone, and Globes and Maps). ©
Something Corporate is the best!
by ViCtoRia!! May 26, 2004
A place where people write about things they do, politics, anything. It depends what you write about that could either make it a good habit or a bad one. You meet lots of weird people and most are "lifeless" psychos (the more you post the more loserish you become... in some cases).
Oooh, this frikker keeps posting on my xanga!!
by ViCtoRia!! May 26, 2004