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1) Typically a mean spirited woman of large girth. Sneaky and conniving, Beaulahs often turn on their family and friends and try to manipulate those around them to make up for their own shortcomings. Beaulahs are notorious for taking pleasure in wrecking the lives of those around them, and kicking them while they are down.

2) Someone who is not to be trusted, especially around the husbands and boyfriends of others. Attempts to break up families, because they cannot stand another's happiness.

3) When karma catches up with a person for acts of evil they have done in the past.
1) She pulled a real Beaulah when she sent that picture of Ben and Lee to Angie.

2) I wouldn't leave her alone in the room with my husband if I were you...that girl is a real Beaulah.

3) I heard she lost her house...beaulah must be catching up with her.
by Vevay Anderson February 03, 2010

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