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An amazing high school in Mission, Texas with crap tons of school spirit (especially during the football season) and possibly the only school in the world to have 9 freaking class periods a day. The teachers are quite good, some more extraordinary than others, like Mrs. Chapa, Mr. Alanis, and everyone's favorite, Mr. Danielson. Approximatively 98 percent of students are Hispanics, and the other 2 are Caucasian and a couple African Americans here and there. Our campus may not be as ghetto as Mission High, but we have our ghetto moments. Mrs. Mufasa (Our lovely principal) has a great mane of hair that anyone could set eyes upon, it even flows with her every step. The students see her once in a blue moon. We make, on average, decent grades, and we all usually have a good attitude. If your going to move here, you might have an alright time, just don't be a hoe. We all will know, we know all the chisme.

There is hardly any Cliques, btw.

Freshman- Poor guys, they ALWAYS get abused by the incoming sophomores, who somewhat want revenge for their previous year.

Sophomore- Douchebags in the beginning of the year, but they eventually grow up and learn to act their age by the end of the year.

Juniors- These are the hardworkers of the year, they just grew up and they haven't yet experienced senioritis.

Seniors- They just DGAF by now. Diagnosed with senioritis with side effects of longing for SPI. Some are tripping balls at Conquest because they were lazy slackers in the past years.
MHS Student- Dude, Veterans Memorial High School is beast.

MHS Student- IRK?

VMHS Student- Well, duh. We have always been.
by VeteransMemorialIsDecent March 29, 2011

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