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It looks like a late model Camaro convertible. It has a Subaru WRX motor IN BACK. It has FRONT WHEEL DRIVE. It is BOTH a car and a boat. Best of all, IT IS REAL and you can BUY one.
I don't need to rent a spot at the marina to go boating. I don't need a truck and trailer to go boating. I just drive my March WaterCar to the public access, drive into the water, and start boating.
by Vet Man May 29, 2006
Edge-proof (but not point-proof) gloves made out of some tough yet flexible material, such as kevlar, to protect your hands while filleting fish.
Unlike mice and rats, hamsters and gerbils usually bite when they are first handled, and then they stay in their cage for the rest of their life. If you buy your kid a hamster or a gerbil that has not been handled a lot, then buy some fillet gloves and handle it yourself for about a week until it gets really tame.
by Vet Man December 07, 2006
Cedar and Pine shavings are bad for small mammals. Aspen shavings are safe as litter for small mammals.
To remember the ASPEN shavings are the GOOD ones for your animals PEN, just think ASS-PEN. PINE and CEDAR are for COFFINS.
by Vet Man December 09, 2006
When your unneutered, male, pit bull reaches 2 1/2 and starts chewin'-in-half every other adult male dog he finds.
Bandit was the ultimate dog. Then at 2 1/2 he started chewin'-in-half every other adult male dog he found!

Avoid pits, get a female, or neuter your male at a YOUNG age!
by Vet Man July 22, 2006

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