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5 definitions by Very Metal

Affirmative Action started out as a good idea to help minorities get into the education system and the work force after desegregation.

But as the years went on and racial equality became less and less taboo and more socially acceptable, people began to see affirmative action for what it really was: A get in free card for non-whites. In fact, the darker you are, the better chance you have at getting a job.

Affirmative Action automatically assumes that all employers are racist, and that without it, they would only hire same-races. Since that has changed nowadays, Affirmative Action is no longer needed. We can survive just fine without it. If any employer is called out on discriminatory hiring practices, they will get in trouble.
If anything, Affirmative Action is more racist than it is helpful. "This man is black, and therefore uneducated! Let's give him a free job, because all black people are unable to make it on their own!"
by Very Metal June 08, 2007
A small town in Southern California that has more people living in it than it probably should. The main street is a complete shithole that once was a beautiful retro 50s-looking popular place to cruise in your muscle car, and a popular tourist spot. Nowadays, the buildings are old, ugly and dirty and almost every business that starts on Bellflower Blvd. shuts down within 6 months or so, because the city refuses to update the area in order to bring more business into the city. The only thing going for that street is the bank, PC cafe, Egyptian cafe, and maybe a pawn shop or two. There's also a movie theater, but after the main one closed down, it's now a Christian theater.

Bellflower also has the most churches per capita. Yawn.

Oh well, at least we have two skateparks, a clock tower that some people can kind of see, and a high school with a football field named after a pro football player who went there.
Brb, going down to the pawn shop on Shithole blvd. in Bellflower.
by Very Metal June 07, 2007
A kickass metal band from Japan alternating between drone, sludge, stoner rock, groove metal, and sometimes hardcore. They have a shitload of albums, splits, eps, and collaborations with other bands. Not a pussy band like popular j-rock.
Fuck j-rock! Boris kicks ass!
by Very Metal June 09, 2007
A 1980s subgenre of hardcore punk with actual talent involved, with a missing plothole somewhere in the script of time that somehow led to a modern subculture that has nothing to do with the musical genre whatsoever.
Since when did emo go from underground punk music to wearing a whore-load of make-up and dressing up in clothing that doesn't fit, while listening to pop-punk and crappy metalcore?
by Very Metal May 12, 2007
A common laughing face used on the internet, commonly by Hispanic and Latin peoples. It's also used a lot with weeaboos and little kids, but mostly by those of the "south of the border" kind. It is often accompanied with "jajaja".
¡Tu madre es puta! jajaja XD !!!
by Very Metal June 08, 2007