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A portmanteau of the words fuck and orgasmic, fucktasmic is a word of excitement or anger, depending on how it's said.
Guy 1: Damn man, this lasagna is fucktasmic!

Guy 2: I bet, but this shitty hot dog is a fucktasmic waste of meat.
by Very Chewy December 21, 2006
Acronym for 'Former United States-Supported Dictators Internationally Reviled for Acts of Genocide'

Term coined by Stephen Colbert
Stephen Colbert is running out of Fussdirag's to use his 'Execution Squad Dancers'
by Very Chewy January 10, 2007
A user on the Internet (most likely a nerdy white guy) who acts black on the web.

This differs from wiggers, because an iigger only acts black in an online persona, rather than in life.

The word is pronounced like eager. This is a wordplay on the e- prefix associated with the Internet (Ex: email)
Guy 1: Hey Guy 1, look at that pasty pale kid.
Guy 2: Whoa, Guy 2, don't mess with that kid. That iigger can have an ePosse on your ass fast!
by Very Chewy May 16, 2006
To take a fairly simple idea and blow it out into huge proportions. This is cool for the first few times, but it gets boring and predictable after a while, just like the show 'Survivor'.
Dude: Hey Guy, Season 23 of Survivor is on tonight!
Guy: Hey I bet you they have some crazy marketting scheme that lasts 'til episode 4, they'll merge in episode 10, have their parents come to the island in episode 10, have a reflection episode in episode 12, and declare the winner followed by a huge aftershow in episode 13!
Dude: No doubt, it's been survivored.
by Very Chewy December 10, 2006
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