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Fat Persons neck,which has so much excess fat around their throat that when they talk all the fat giggles and sweats revoltingly, and all you can think about is how many burgers they consume in a week.
grosse man! that guy appears to have a steady diet of wasps..look how fat his neck is..that one big-as BURGERNECK!
#obese #fat #flabby #flubby #revolting ogre condition
by Vertically Challenged Tall Guy March 19, 2009
1. Works with BOB the BUILDER (kids cartoon)as a crane- who is afraid of heights.

2. Alternatively, lofts are normally up in a roof. Therefore
Lofty is to be up high or drug high and have a fluffy as moustache.
1. bob: come on lofty help lower cliffhanger back down.
lofty: i can't, i'm afraid to look down.

2. Here comes lofty, RESPECT! (everybody laughs at him until he leaves)
#short #scared #funny #pimpsqueek #sales rep
by Vertically Challenged Tall Guy March 19, 2009
1. To laugh at a black person
2. Backwards snorting multiple times a second in a laughing fashion, have a cheesey grin,at the same time your head is shifted so far back that you appear to have a Burger Neck.
I was sniggered at when i farted. Stop sniggering at me im not funny. That man sniggers a lot when he farts. someone was sniggering at me and i felt so sniggerised with all the sniggers that i stopped sniggering in sniggerisation with sniggographers practicing sniggography.
#laugh #giggle #chuckle #snort #snuff smuggler
by Vertically Challenged Tall Guy March 19, 2009
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