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It's like telling someone - Piss off, I no longer wish to hear your voice and pretend to be interested.
-Thinking- "Man, I really want to get away from this idiot... I can't stand the prattle eminating from their mouth...."
-Speaking- "Hey, Bill... I have some business to take care of. Can I get back to you later?"
#some business to take care of #business #take care of #taking care of business #i have some #piss off
by Vert Truken April 09, 2010
When you are able to look at portions of food and fortell how full it would make you feel if you did eat it. This allows you to gauge the amount you eat.
Dude, I was totally going to scarf on that huge plate of fries, then I had Stomach ESP and decided not to.
#stomach esp #tummy esp #stummy esp #stumach esp #sumack esp
by Vert Truken June 29, 2010
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