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The rare few who set the standards of cool, usually without the intention of doing so. In essence, the one who all hipsters follow. Their choices trickle down to the hopelessly ironic masses. Hipsetters are *not* hipsters, and really could care less about what is cool or not cool.
Karen O.
Tim Harrington (Les Savy Fav) is a total hipsetter for ushering in the age of the pot belly chic without caring to do so.
by Vermonster August 20, 2009
A guy who is used by a girl though he knows it, yet keeps coming back to her despite all the crap she puts him through. The guy is invariably in love/lust with the girl and will go through hoops/put up with her back and forth in the offchance that he might be able to date her. These situations usually result in the man being crushed.

Sometimes the guy can delude himself into thinking he just wants to be good friends with her. This does not last long.
In the movie "He's just not that into you", Kevin Connolly's character (Conor) is a manpoline for Scarlet Johansson's character Anna. He's always there when she needs him but she never has to give anything back.

Guy 1: What did you do this weekend?
Guy 2: Oh it was awesome, Cara actually came over last night. She was having a tiff with her boyfriend. I made her a great dinner and we talked and cuddled a little bit. Then she left abruptly, maybe got a text from him. But I haven't heard from her since then.

Guy 1: This isn't going anywhere is it?
Guy 2: Well, I think she'll eventually see I'm a good guy and we work well together.

Guy 1: <rolls eyes>
by Vermonster August 24, 2009
Person you date solely to get you through the winter (the cold, loneliness), and then dump in the spring.
Did you hear that Tessa broke up with John Tuesday? I guess she was never that into him and he was basically a winterbuddy. Just needed something there for a month or two.
by vermonster March 08, 2007

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