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3 definitions by Verbal Kent The Sentinel

The act of humming during the execution of oral sex to intensify the recipient's climax.
"Tonya gave me a hummincum before work today, and damn near made me late getting in here!"

"I can't hear you...I gave Stephanie a hummincum last night, and when she came, she boxed my ears with her thighs!"
by Verbal Kent The sentinel December 06, 2011
Refers to any act and or mindset that that puts more emphasis on style than common sense. While 'Ghetto Fabulous' is similar, 'Project Popular' appeals to those specifically from the housing projects from which the name is derived. It could be effectively argued that being 'Project Popular' is worse than 'Ghetto Fabulous', but the recipient of the description will more than likely wear it as a badge of honor, kind of like coming home from successfully doing a jail sentence for which you did not snitch.
"Frank would regularly park his Bentley convertible in the driveway of his Section 8 home...he was beyond 'Ghetto Fabulous', he was Project Popular'"
by Verbal Kent The Sentinel December 06, 2011
Death by Glock semi-automatic pistol involving the firing of at least 6 rounds (bullets).
"My MP-5 was empty, so I had to pulled out the G-18 and Glockatized 'em"
by Verbal Kent The Sentinel December 06, 2011