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A town of approx. 51466 (2000 census) located in south eastern Idaho. Home to Idaho State University (founded 1901).
Originally the Fort Hall trading post, which became the railroad community of Pocatello. It hosts several historic builds and hotels, which were used as housing for women of "questionable" character. Often times these women entertained the conductors of the railroad.
Pocatello is dominated by the LDS faith and most things are closed on Sundays. Each year they have a parade called "Pioneer Days" to celebrate their crossing to Salt Lake- they block most of the roads. On the same token Poctello houses six coffee shops.
A lot of people do meth in some form or another in Pocatello. It has become a big problem.
There is nothing to do besides go to the roller skating place, the drive-in (only in the summer) and drink large amounts of alcohol.
People were excited when a movie theater was built with 10 theaters and then Lowes built a store next door and the community exploded in happiness. But it was almost orgasmic when Bed, Bath and Beyond popped in and the word on the street is "Olive Garden..."
Pocatello can be a great place if you don't expect too much.
person 1: "if more liberals moved to Pocatello we might actually have traffic on Sundays."
conservative fuck: "DIE HEATHEN!"
by Veranna November 25, 2006

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