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10 definitions by Veranda Collingwood

Refusal to join facebook due to the completely rational fear of old girlfriends/boyfriends who may still have a hate-on for you after a disastrous break-up years ago.
Girl 1: Hey Carol, how come I couldn't find you on facebook?

Girl 2: No way, Jen! I seriously don't want some of those guys I went out with in college to find me. You remember Frank? He threw that "I hate Carol" party after we broke up? {shudders}

Girl 1: You've GOT to get over your facebook phobia and join the real world!
by Veranda Collingwood October 09, 2010
20 5
what married people do when they're too cheap to get a second hotel room, and have to have sex with two sleeping 7 year olds in the next bed. Usually accompanied by silent shushing faces, muffled giggles and careful movements so as not to make the bed creak. Culminates in silent grimaces during climax.
Stan and Diane got a great hotel in Maui for their 10th anniversary, but ending up having to have silent sex, since it was too pricey to get a second room for the twins
by Veranda Collingwood February 09, 2011
15 2
Anything that seems to be bigger on the inside. Ref: The Doctor's TARDIS, which, while from the outside looks to be a simple phone box, actually is a time-and-space-traveling ship which includes but is not limited to a control room, a wardrobe room and a swimming pool.
Guy, watching incredulously as a Girl rummages in purse, digging out a wallet, a book, two tubes of lipstick, several hair accessories and a phone: "All that stuff fit in your tiny pocketbook?"

Girl: "Yeah. Time Lord Technology"

Guy: "Oh right...bigger on the inside"
by Veranda Collingwood January 03, 2011
13 1
When one partner of a past relationship adds more to the significance of the connection than was actually there.
George, seeing Jenna 10 years after high school, succumbs to relationship revision, embarrassing both himself and his erstwhile crush.

George: Wow! Its great to see you again, Jenna! I've thought about you alot over the we really had something going back in high school.

Jenna (quizzical): We went to high school together??
by Veranda Collingwood October 16, 2010
6 1
The condition wherein one imagines someone's orgasm face during the course of a completely unrelated and innocent conversation.
Sarah was chatting with her elderly neighbor about dog grooming when her orgasmorphatism kicked in, causing her to lose her train of thought. She quickly excused herself and ran inside, shaking her head to rid herself of the picture.

John was trying to focus on the nurse's instructions for wound care, but his orgasmorphatism was making it difficult to concentrate on her words.
by Veranda Collingwood October 04, 2010
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The painful exposure to cold wintertime air of skin that should really be bundled under several layers of clothing.
guy 1: (shivering) "There was this huge long line for the bathroom, so I went out back to take a leak. Now I've got a serious case of frost butt."

guy 2: "Dude....TMI...seriously."
by Veranda Collingwood January 02, 2011
3 1
What mothers, sales clerks and admin assistants have absolutely no possibility of ever trying. Ever.
Emma: Can you hold on a sec please, I'm trying to concentrate on this email to the president you asked me to compose.

Emma's boss: What? You think I pay you to sit around unitasking?!? I want all eight of these things done right now! Yesterday, in fact!
by Veranda Collingwood January 13, 2013
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