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The term Rage Monkey is fairly generic and applies either to a person who is given to sudden fits of anger about almost any subject or someone who simply explodes without any obvious cause; it is not enough that the individual is angry but must exhibit their rage like a violent storm that dispurses as swifty as it arrived. A Rage Monkey may also be inclined to explode intermittently on their favourite pet-hate. Rage Monkeys are usually funny to watch as they transform, unless you are the target of their rage.
All I did was ask if she had a good day and she transformed into a Rage Monkey!
by Vengeful Spirit December 05, 2011
The sensuous pubic area and vagina, the "cuntal zone", whether it is shaved or au naturale. An area that stimulates the desires and lusts of both men and women. A place of total delight.
I enjoy nothing more than planting my tree in her garden of delight.
by Vengeful Spirit January 18, 2012
Bad Bacon is a term that follows on from the phase "As Fucked As A Piglet", which means, basically that you are on the receiving end of an unholy fucking of extreme proportions and the resulting mess is something you really don't want to get involved in... hence really bad bacon!
"I can't believe it man, I've been fucked like a piglet by them again!" "Fucked like a piglet? That's really Bad Bacon, my friend!!!"
by Vengeful Spirit January 12, 2012
A Neurofuckologist is a person who has a talent for literally fucking with people's minds, as confident and convincing liars, they will wrap their lies in a thick veil of facts that can easily be proven, or appear to be. Their skill of verbal prestidigitation, word tricks and confusion, whilst their talent as a cunning linguist snares the unwary. Neurofuckologists aren't exactly evil, to the given value of evil, because their goal is the delight of wordplay, not of malice. They can't help that you were fooled by them and... the revel in it.
Beware of Steve, for he is a Neurofuckologist and he will play you like a finely tuned violin... he will have you dancing like a puppet before you even know you are snared.
by Vengeful Spirit December 21, 2011
Rather than just "flicking the finger" at someone, Buffing The Finger involves the individual making an all too ostentatious and elaborate show of buffing up or polishing their middle finger finger nail; this in itself should be seen as part of the overall gesture. Given that the gesture itself is elaborate, it would do no harm to embellish the overall presentation of the digit with a quip such as "I made this for you... can you see your face in it?".
I saw she was buffing the finger at me so I polished up my retort...!
by Vengeful Spirit December 08, 2011
The very unfortunate state in which, following a violent sneeze or cough (or, as has happened, both), one loses control of their bowels and, effectively, shits themselves. It may not be much in volume, but it is terrifying in aspect; when one looses themselves... a fart that follows through.
"What happened to Geoff?"
"He sneezed so violently that he made a sudden pancake!"
by Vengeful Spirit June 09, 2012
Adjective: A terms to describe the characteristics of an individual who is thoughtless, inconsiderate, offensive of unpleasant. Such people have no regard for others and are deeply self-obsessed deviants with a thinly disguised persecution complex. Fucktards.

Adverb: Fuckoffishly.
"Dan can be so fuckoffish about things some times, he always behaves fuckoffishly when you ask him a direct question. He must be IQR qualified and if he isn't he should be."
by Vengeful Spirit January 24, 2012

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