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Drugby is a small town in the middle of england. Its original name is Rugby, but due to just about everybody being a pothead, many people now call it by this new name. There is even a website dedicated to this naff little town. www.drugby.co.uk
Hey dude! Wanna get beaten up? Lets goto Drugby!!

Whoa, i know, you can always find some decent shit in Drugby!
by Venerus September 06, 2004
VENERUS is a four piece band from Drugby. Formed in early 2004..

It consists of
Scott Worthington, Singer/2nd Guitar,
Ellis Sargunar, Guitarist/Backup Singer,
Glen Woodbridge, Bassist/ Backup Singer
Colin Wilkinson, Drummer/Asshole.

Everyone writes songs. So do we. The music we play is a range from rock, to punk, to anything else that we like. Main influences are Nirvana, Muse, Vex Red, My Vitriol and AFI, but god knows what we sound like
Hey, you heard teh new song by Venerus? Yeah, it fuckin rocks dude!!! LMAO
by Venerus September 12, 2004

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