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pretty good rapper, some say he's too commercial but it's certainly more enjoyable listening to him rather than say gay unit...
The Black Album-last great hip-hop album of our time....
by Velvet January 06, 2005
something that is thought to be true but isn't...spread for shock value or defamation etc...
the best way to stop a rumor dead in its tracks is to ignore it and not let it lend itself credence.
by Velvet January 21, 2005
During unprotected anal sex, right before the man is about to ejaculate, he pulls out and puts his wang into the woman's ear.
by Velvet September 27, 2003
A truly shitty, pathetic, and semi-literate bunch of "D&D" books that are more about marketing and cheap rp games than they are about REAL fanatasy. Fantasy cliches and horribly bad writing abound in this commercial wreck, I wouldn't read this crap if my life depended on it...If you want to read
GOOD fantasy pick up George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice and Fire series or Robin Hobbs books...And they ARENT D&D so all you n00bs can suck my dick.
Dragonlancefan:Cool, the new dragonlance book is out!
LEET:Don't you think it odd no Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman novel has good reviews from any reputable publisher or science fiction magazine?
Dragonlancefan:Wow my level 29 half-elf bard just upgraded his armor by 19648 pts with a Crimson Crystal!
by Velvet January 05, 2005
1. A book that is overrated.

2. A series that is overrated

3. The archetype of overrated
Read The Dying Earth by Jack Vance
by Velvet January 14, 2005
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