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Chapter Master of the Ultramarines Chapter of Space Marines in the Warhammer 40,000 setting.
Marneus Calgar lifted the dead Lictor's head, and roared to his bretheren; "In the name of The Emperor and the great Primarch Roboute Guilliman, look upon the severed head of your enemy. They will die!"
by Vehementi Dominus August 03, 2007
A salute adopted by the Cadet 3* Cadre, when an officer, who indicated right on a bike, was mistaken for saluting some 3*s.
I'm a 3* so I'm going to salute like I'm indicating right on a bicycle to NCOs, it's called the "Three Star Salute"
by Vehementi Dominus October 10, 2005
A person who only consumes natural intoxicants, such as cannabis, salvia or mushrooms but will not touch synthetic drugs such as LSD or ecstasy.
"Man, I was so out of it last night."
"Really, on beans?"
"Nah, I'm a vegetarian, y'should know that, I jus' blazed."
by Vehementi Dominus January 29, 2009
Weapon - two sided axe, held with obne hand inbetween the blades and one lower down the pole.
The barbaric demon charged, battle axe in hand he decapitated thehuman.
by Vehementi Dominus January 30, 2004

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