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When your get picked up by a Taxi Cab at McCarran airport in Las Vegas, Nevada and get taken via the airport tunnel to "The Strip" you just got tunneled most likely. Another way of saying you just got screwed. Sometimes taking the tunnel to I-215 West to I-15 North makes sense, but not very often.
That $%*@'ing cabbie last night sure tunneled me taking me to the Hard Rock. :-(
by Vegas_Cabbie June 17, 2007
Thomeone who happenth to talk with a lithp, see lisp and lithp
Jutht becauthe i have a lithp, it doethn't mean i'm not a real perthon
by Vegas_Cabbie July 12, 2008
What Las Vegas Boulevard is called away from The Strip area.
Lets go cruise The Boulevard, but not The Strip. All of them crazy, drunk, jaywalking tourist are a major pita .
by Vegas_Cabbie July 13, 2008
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